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In this post I write about places in internet where you could start your IT learning journey. There are few good platforms to start. Honestly there are many more platforms but I write from my experience where I started to learn IT. So lets start. main page screenhost.

Why do you want to start learning at There are many reasons. Despite that today we have dozens of companies offering programming bootcamps, these courses are very very expensive. The main reason for learning on Udemy is that courses are quite cheap in comparison to other platforms and are very professional.

If you will be lucky and come to this platform on sale time you can get any course for just about 11USD. It doesn’t mean this courses are crap. Maybe some of them are but I learn from Udemy for a couple of years now and I can glady write, there are many high quality courses out there and very profesional instructors.

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One of courses I recommend are courses of Tim Buchalka instructor :-). The foundor and creator of Learn Programming Academy from Australia. I find his courses one of the best on Udemy platform. Currently I am doing Java Masterclass Course and I can honestly write that it is very demanding and very profesional course.

If someone would like to learn from this course here is a link: Java Master Class Course from Tim Buchalka Learn Programming Academy.

What I like at Udemy too is that after you finish every course you will receive Udemy certificate which you can share on social media like Linkedin or other.

But certificates are not most important. The most important is what you will learn from Udemy courses. As I wrote earlier some courses are crap and some are very good. I recommend you to find a course which has good reviews from users who finished it. Also you can watch few firsts lessons to asses if for example instructor acent if ok for you.

So how to start your journey with Udemy. Simply go to their website and create a free account. You can always browse for free courses but why not to invest a couple of buckss and have fully profesional course with full support from instructor from the start to the end of the course? I recommend you to do just that :-).


So I will now list some pluses quickly and shortly for quick summary:

  1. Udemy is quite cheap if you will look for sale time.
  2. You have fully supported the Q&A section if you will get stuck somewhere in a course.
  3. Udemy Certificate is in your hand after completing every course.
  4. Networking never been easier by adding instructors to your Linkedin contacts.
  5. Finally, courses are of high quality and paid courses are mostly very professional.

Screenshot of main page of teamtreehouse website.

It is quite some time since I used this platform. Something like 2 years now but I still have very good memories when I was learning from it. Treehouse has many various courses and each course has it own mini courses so the content they made is quite huge.

Otherwise than at Udemy they put a advantage on studio like recording their videos. So profesionalism of theirs content is better than this ones on Udemy but when I was learning at treehouse I felt like I miss something.

At Treehouse you have point and leaderboards which gives you a stimulus to learn even more. Every course is divided into subcourses and lessons are not very long. After a few lessons, it is time for an exercise where you actually code in an online IDE made by Treehouse.

Some image with a laptop where is shown some chars and coffee in background.

Despite all that pluses Treehouse is not so cheap. You have to pay approximately 27 USD for monthly subscription. With that you have access to very professional IT learning platfrom which I recommend along with Udemy.

There is also a tech degree option which is much more expensive. I can’t write about that much because I never signed for that one. From their offer you can read that tech degree is much more advanced track after which you should get a job in IT. Money well invested then :-).

What I don’t like in Treehouse is, they don’t support you with any certification. In the World where it is much better to have some proof of your skills and knowlege to help you get a job I find it as a main flaw of this platform. Of course IT is a field where certification is not so necessary but nevertheless this helps and never disturb in hunting for job activity.


To be consistet I will write in point as well pluses of Treehouse platform.

  1. Content is designed to be very professional and even better than this on Udemy.
  2. For approximately 27 USD / month you have access s to a huge amount of great content.
  3. Treehouse provides you with points and leaderboards so you can compete with other students to get a higher rank.
  4. If you want you can apply for a tech degree. The more advanced track of learning IT which prepares you to get a job in that field.
  5. As Treehouse is only paid platform so you have Q&A section and support from all instructors by email.

QuizApp for Smartphone.

Screenshot of main page of QuizApp.

Although this platform is not designed to learn only IT, I found it helpful in extending my IT knowledge and learning something new. Quiz App is good for both relax and learning through playing a game.

In Computer Science section you can compete with other players from all over the world by quickly answering on tech questions. They are not so difficult so don’t worry.

If you are new to IT you should start using Quiz App computer science section to get better with IT historical knowlege and basic stuff. It has also leaderboards, both national and international so if you will fly high in this app you can always share good result on social media. Good luck 🙂 !

At the End.

I would like to notice that these 3 platforms are just a drop in the ocean of possibilities internet gives today. Many people learn at YouTube and it is good. Some people choses other platforms but in this post I described these ones I use or used and I recommend. Learning IT have never been easier than before :-).

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