4 Awesome Websites to Become Micro Volunteer and Help Others

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In this post I present you 4 websites I recon are the best to help others by just simply clicking. I was making online research few months ago searching for websites where I could help people as micro volunteer. As I found there are not many websites for that but looking for them finally I found few that are great. Below I write something about each website I use.


SiePomaga Charity Organisation Website

This is one of the largest charity organisation in Poland. Się Pomaga in polish means something like “We all help”. At their website you can click on 8 buttons taking you to other supporting charity organisations which collect money on online traffic by revenue from ads. SiePomaga is all about helping ill people. Everyday there are collection to support ill child or adult person. To donate money you can simply send SMS message what is very easy or make a bank transfer.

If you want to count your clicks and donations you have to register an account on SiePomaga website. Then every click you make is counted and after few months  you can see how big impact you have made so far. If you want to check how much money you have send via SMS you can do that by just simply giving to service your telephone number.

If you would like to start helping others by becoming micro-volunteer on SiePomaga website here is link to their website.

SiePomaga Website


GreaterGood website exists since 1999 and as they say they already gave to charities organisations more than 35 millions of USD. By going to their website you can support many causes by simply clicking on buttons. This organisation as all in this post collect revenue from ads on website. As I was looking on click stats I noticed that something like from 2010 number of clicks started to decrease and this attitude continue to this days. I don’t know why is that, why people decided to not support others through this website but I joined in 2018 by clicking everyday and hopefuly other people will also start contributing in greater good :-).

If you would like to use that website to become micro-volunteer here is the link.

GreaterGood Website


Care2 Website Screenshot

This website is in fact whole huge community to do good and contribute in good actions. Of course you can use it as micro-volunteering clicking on buttons with ads but this website is more about creating petitions and signing them by people around the world. When you will create an account on that website you can create your own petition and ask people around the world to give signature or you can browse petitions and sign them to contribute in some action.

Additionally for every action you get butterflies which are currency on this portal to do more good stuff like for example plant a tree or give a poor family a save drinking water for a day. How big impact you will make depends on how many butterflies you collected too.

It is hard to find on main page of care2 link to clicking section so I post it here.

Click to donate on care2.

If you would like to create an account on this website and create or sign petitions here is a link.

Care2 Website


Free Rice Website Screenshot

FreeRice website is a website of The United Nations World Food Programme. The concept of this website is brilliant in my opinion. You create an account and play a game in guessing english worlds. You have one word and 4 other words from which you must guess one that have similar meaning to main word. If you will guess correctly the ads will show and 10 grams of rice will be collected. There are 4 level of difficulty. What I find interesting that you have leaderboards which shows who donated most rice to poor people. This is great motivator to spend few minutes everyday on this website and help others.

Minus of this service is that is runs quite slowly. Often you have to wait few seconds till application will reload and give you new set of words. Nevertheless I find this website one of the smartest.


In final words on this post I have to write that it is worth to do something good everyday for others. Many people don’t have time to help people in need even if they would like to. Micro-volunteering is the answer for those who don’t have time to go outside and do something good for few hours a week. In this kind of volunteering you can spend 5 minutes a day and it will be still precious help. So if you don’t have time or motivation to go outside and help people I invite you on websites I mentioned above.

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