A Few Great Apps That Changed My Life #1.

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In this blog post, I write about awesome apps on the iPhone that have changed my life. I am a big fan of Apple products like iPhone or Macbook but If you are not like me, if you prefer Google Android OS you can still read that post because those apps have also Android versions.

Forest App.

This app is obviously my number one. It heals you from your smartphone addiction. Wouldn’t be better to put away your smartphone and become more productive. It is so easy with Forest App.

In this app, you work like in a Pomodoro mode. You set the time interval and put away your phone. In the meantime, a virtual tree in your phone grows. If you will resist not using your phone for this time interval, the tree will fully grow, otherwise, it will die.

You can plant various trees. There are more than 20 types. You collect coins that you can use to unlock new types of trees. Additionally, you can, for 2500 collected coins, plant a real tree with Forest App business partner – Trees for the Future.

Unfortunately, you can plant only 5 real trees that way but don’t worry it will take you a while to do so.

Forest App has also an internet browser widget. If you work on your laptop, more comfortable is to put away your phone and do everything on your machine. The widget allows you to do that. It works similarly to a smartphone app.

When you are done you can synchronize data from a laptop with your smartphone and see at the end of the day how productive you were during the day.

Forest App is available on both iOS and Android devices. As far as I remember I was purchasing it on my iPhone for about 1 or 2 USD, so it was very cheap. You can check yourself if the price is still low.

So what this app has given me? It has boosted my productivity. Whether I learn maths, IT, or something else I stay more focused. I am much more productive during day and I must write I compete with myself. Every month I just try to beat my last month’s score of productive minutes/hours.

If you would like to read about my resources from which I learn mathematics check out this article.

My high score is almost 156 hours (about 9400 minutes) of focus during the month. I wrote that also in minutes because in last update developers of Forest App turned app to only hours.

Additionally in this app, you can add friends and compete with them. If you would like to add me to your friend’s list just message me at Facebook or any other social media (links are at home page) and we will set this up.


This app is on both iOS and Android. I installed in on my iPhone about 2 months ago and I fell in love with it. My friend Mateusz Rus recommended it to me in one of his weekly newsletters so I just thought: it would don’t bother me to try … then my life changed.

Habitica is an advanced ToDo App with some cool features. It is all about making from your daily tasks, habits, and todos a game.

You create your character, choose appearance and you are good to go. You start at level 1 then with every todo or daily task you progress. At level 10 you choose 1 of 4 classes. You can pick mage, rouge, warrior or healer.

Each of these classes has their own skills which are useful in your adventure. I picked a rouge because I thought that I would need a lot of gold for my rewards. Speaking of which you create your own rewards that cost gold.

For each task you do, a habit you cultivate, or daily tasks you are done you gain gold. Gold can be spent on rewards, items, or potions that restore health. When Cron time restarts, your next day starts for every task you didn’t accomplish you lose health.

In Habitica you can join a guild, which is an association of players with similar interests or hobbies but most important are parties. Parties are teams that associate players. The maximum players number in one party is 30. It is important to stay motivated during your daily tasks so it is always a better idea to be in a party.

If you would like you can join my party. It is called STEM International Party and I have so far 6 members. If you would like to join just direct message me in Habitica. My username is @Eccololo. The only restriction is that you need to be related to STEM somehow and you have to be an active player at Habitica.

I could write a lot more about that App but why don’t you try it yourself. Additionally to search for info check out Habitica Wiki.

So to sum up this app gave me so much. Since I started to use it I boosted my productivity by about 100%. I am much eager to do all my daily tasks because that way I level up my character, I gain gold for rewards and together with party members, we accomplish party quests.

Active Giving.

We are back again to Trees for the Future Foundation. I use ActiveGiving App for a couple of weeks now and I think it is brilliant.

It is app that will boost your health if you are a person who likes to help others. You choose an activity you perform at the moment. It can be cycling, walking, gym work out or other. Then you start that activity with this app.

When you are finished you press stop and you have a summary of how many trees you have planted by using this app. The results are not outstanding like planting 10 trees by doing a 30-minute workout but are satisfactory.

For example, I am a big fan of walking so when I go for a long walk, like an hour-long, I plant about 0.5 trees with this app. I have noticed that it take into consideration where you walk.

If you go uphill you will probably plant more trees because of the difficulty of type of your activity. Once I have planted 0.9 trees by making a short walk but quite a difficult one. So this is the case.

This app is available on both iOS and Android devices. You don’t have to limit yourself only to Trees for the Future. There are a few other charity foundations to pick. Instead of planting trees, you can do something different. You can check this in the app.

So this app boosts my health a lot. I am much more motivated to do some sport activity every day while I know that by doing this I help others and that’s the point.

At the end.

This is the first article of this kind on my blog. I will write a couple more in the future because there are more apps that changed my life significantly, that I want to share with you. Maybe some of these apps you will find very useful and by using them you will upgrade your lives too.

If you find that article useful and helpful please don’t forget to leave some comments, like it or share it on social media. Write to me about what you think about those apps I presented. What are your experiences with using them?

Have a wonderful day :-).

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