3 Best Apps That Helped Me Become Proficient in English.

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To become proficient in English is the best move today, you can make. English is the main language you will use when you work with software. Almost all online tutorials and resources from which you could learn new skills is made in English. So why not start learning this language today ? Below I describe 3 web applications that are the best in my opinion to learn English and becoming better and better each day you continue.


I consider Memrise as a best platform for learning not only English but other languages as well. This platform has many advantages but has also some flaws. Lets first discuss disadvantages.

Flaws of Memrise.

Firstly when I bought premium version of Memrise I felt like there was not many more features than in normal, standard version. Of course you have grambot which helps you learn gramatics, you can learn words that are hard for you to remember. All this is only in premium version but honestly you could as well use standard version of Memrise and you would not see much difference.

Other flaw is that you cannot search for a specific user profile and follow this profile. Competing on Memrise is one of the feature that pushes people to learn even more but when you cannot compete with your friends and family it is not so valuable.

I also don’t see much of the purpose of leveling profile. Of course you have amount of points you gathered during learning but you also achieve new level every milestone of gathered points. The problem is when you reach about 5 milion points you will not get higher level. Simply level are badly balanced towards gathered points.

The main flaw for me in Memrise is that this platform doesn’t provide any certification. You gain only knowlege but you cannot download any certificate for completing course, so you cannot add it to your Linkedin profile or any other.

The other 2 apps luckly provide language certificates so I encourage you to read what is below.

Pluses of Memrise.

I consider Memrise as the best app for learning new words just because it is the core feature of this app. You repeat in each lesson words you learn till you will get bored of this action and then you repeat them more. So it is not surprising that after a few weeks you know hundreds of new words.

Memrise is also the best when you like to compete with other users. Every course has a leaderboards when you are placed and you can see how well you are doing towards other users. If you are ambitious you will always want to be at the top of leaderboards so you will have to learn more to achieve your goal.

In premium version you have also some useful statistics like intensity of learning in a specific day, month and year. I found it quite useful to know when I learned most and when my shape faded a little.

In premium version you have also possibility to see short videos with natives. This lessons were most valuable for me in learning English and other languages. The other premium feature is that you can repeat these words you find hard to remember.


Among all these 3 apps I write here about I consider Busuu as the worst. I tried to learn from this platform in both normal and premium version and it wasn’t good for me. It was a quite long time ago so maybe Busuu developers already fixed issues I had with that platform. Here are this issues.

What I don’t like about Busuu.

Firstly using Busuu on mobile is quite hard. There were lessons which were not adapted to mobile devices. I was contacting Busuu support about that and they responded quickly but I felt hopeless because I could not pass some lessons on mobile.

Second flaw is that Busuu on my computer and mobile worked quite slowly. It was not super slow but more slow than other 2 language apps I write here about.

Generaly I didn’t like design of the interface in Busuu. I don’t know why but I just don’t fancy it.

What is great in Busuu.

I think Busuu has great comunity. At this platform you have great exercises in which you write something in language you learn and someone from Busuu comunity, native to language you learn, cheks your exercise. It is great to improve your skill.

Busuu also teaches you grammar in a great manner. In contrast to Memrise Busuu focus grammar in great way so you not only repeat words but also learn how to construct sentences and much more.

The main forte in Busuu for me is that it gives great language certificate after completing each part of whole exercises. It is called McGraw Hill Certificate and you can share it on your Linkedin profile.

Every two weeks you can take the exam again to get even higher scores.


This is the latest platform I am using and I find it very good for learning foreign languages. User interface is very nicely designed and customer support is very fast. So far I had only one problem with that app I will write below.

Babbel is almost perfect, but …

So far I had only 1 problem with Babbel and it was not so important one but still. When I finished one part of course on main page banner which should display new lesson just broke and display all the time information about certificate I could download. It was minor error and I doesn’t affect your learning in any way.

Why I like Babbel most.

Babbel, how a lady from customer support write to me, is a comfortable tool for learning a new language and I find it true. I have been using this app for a month now and I can honestly say that it is good.

It has almost all features which Busuu has, except community exercise checking, but is more comfortable and works faster.

After finished every part of the course you can download a language certificate which you can easily share on social media. After getting each certificate you easily getting knowledge at what level of Cambridge Certification you are at the moment.

The main flaw of Babbel is that you have to pay for each language separately. It means that if you want to learn the second language on Babbel you will have to pay the same price that you paid for first. I find it quite disturbing but looking on huge amount of content Babbel created for you I think that’s quite fair.


If you want to learn English for free I recommend using Memrise just because it is best app out there for free and eficient learning. But If you want to get the most of learning English I strongly recommend you to buy premium version on one of the 3 platforms I described above. My recommendation is Babbel but you should check out all 3 and find out which suits you the best. The other point in learning foreign language is to get some certificate after completing course, so I recommend you to consider Busuu or Babbel at first.

2 thoughts on “3 Best Apps That Helped Me Become Proficient in English.”

  1. Ania says:

    Do you think that using apps is enough to learn English? They are missing really important part of the language which are conversional skills. How would you recommend learning that?

    1. Matthews says:

      Hello Ania.

      Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate your interest in this blog post. I am sorry I am writing in English, not in Polish but my website is only in English (I will try to add other languages in future ? ) so to be consistent I will use this language.

      I think using apps like Babbel, Memrise or Busuu is not enough. I think using these apps will teach you thousands of new words and proper grammar but to learn to speak in any foreign language you have to just do it. Speak in that language, or just try to speak. The most efficient way to learn to speak in a foreign language is to live for a while in the country where the language you learn is a native language. But if you cannot afford that you can always look for someone who also is learning this language in your city and you can start periodically meet with that person just to talk in the language you both learn. I did something like that a long time ago and it paid off.

      I think I will write a blog post about your question in near future.

      Cheers :-).

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