About Me

This is the mstem.net website and it is my official website. My name is Mateusz Hyla and I am a blogger and beginner at software development. The words “mstem” is a shortcut of science, technique, engineering, and mathematics. These are the main topics of this website.

I want to post here mainly content about computer science but other related topics may occur like some topics about books I read, events I participate, movies I watch, lifestyle or topic related to the mathematic field. I consider myself as someone who pursues knowledge and skills needed to become a better software developer.

I develop my skills and knowledge mainly in Web Applications field but I am also very interested in Game Dev in Python and Unity.

Technologies that are used by me are HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, and WordPress. I would like to become in future Python Developer working with Django Framework or Games Developer working with Unity.

I share on mstem.net projects I make with Udemy.com Instructors. I know it is not my creative work but I find it very stimulating in learning. In the future, I am planning to write my own projects.  You can go to the home page and check out some of the projects I am involved in. If you will find any bug in those applications please don’t hesitate to contact me in that case.

I hope you will have fun reading my blog posts and I would be delighted if you could leave some comments there.

Here are books about IT subject I have finished reading:

Here are some Python and Django Certificates from Udemy.com or SoloLearn.com. If you would like to see all my certificates, all links are posted on my Linkedin.com profile.

This is my tech stack 😋 .

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