About Me

This is the mstem.net website and it is my official website. My name is Mateusz Hyla and I am a blogger and beginner at software development. The words “mstem” is a shortcut of science, technique, engineering, and mathematics. These are the main topics of this website.

I want to post here mainly content about computer science but other related topics may occur like some topics about books I read, events I participate, movies I watch, lifestyle or topic related to the mathematic field. I consider myself as someone who pursues knowledge and skills needed to become a better software developer.

I develop my skills and knowledge mainly in web design and web applications field. Technologies that are used by me are HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap and WordPress. I am also very interested in Python language wanting to become in future Python Developer.

I share on mstem.net projects I make with Udemy.com Instructors. I know it is not my creative work but I find it very stimulating in learning. In the future, I am planning to write my own projects.  You can go to the home page and check out some of the projects I am involved in. If you will find any bug in those applications please don’t hesitate to contact me in that case.

I hope you will have fun reading my blog posts and I would be delighted if you could leave some comments there.

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