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Web Development

Web Development

I can create you website, blog, wordpress website or some web application.  If you would like to work with me use contact form on this page or contact page.

Latest Projects

This is Logo of Pig Game like Dice Game

Pig Game

This is dice game called pig game about rolling dices with lots of rules. It is made for 2 players.
HTML, CSS, JS and jQuery

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Thistle Apartments Logo

Thistle Apartments

Website of scotish company Thistle Apartments. Today this company use newer version of website.
HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP and Lightbox2

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Smart Budget Application Logo

Smart Budget

This is budget application with nice UI design. To made budget you have to create an account.
HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, PHP and Bootstrap 4

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Blue Fox Web Design

Blue Fox

This is elegant website made for purpose of learning Divi Framework from Elegant Themes.
Divi Framework from Elegant Themes

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